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When we started to look for a house, a friend told us to find “a buyers agent.” We had never heard of a buyer’s agent, and we found that essentially, a buyer’s agent has only our interest in mind. It made sense. Using an agent that has listed the property, or works for the company that listed the property likely would not have our best interest in mind. He would be obligated to represent his seller more than he would us. We found Kay Hancock, a “Buyers Agent” with only our interest in mind. We feel that Kay steered us from some bad investments and into something we would feel comfortable with. We love our new home; it is exactly what we were looking for.

Thank you Kay it was a pleasure using your service.

Larry & Barbara Olsen

Real Estate Brokerage today has evolved into a specialized consumer savvy business. The state of the art in brokerage services for the homebuyer is Buyer Brokerage. A buyer’s agent is free to devote their full attention to the buyer’s needs and goals. In fact a buyer’s agent as a matter of law and ethics is bound to serve the needs of their principal, the buyer. Such an agent always wears only one hat, that of a buyer’s agent and has made a conscious decision to be an exclusive buyer’s agent/broker and not dilute their time and energy away from serving buyers.

Finally, buyers today have an opportunity to enjoy the same level of effective, confidential and professional services that historically were available only to the seller. Buyer-consumers now control their own inside track.

Each buyer has their own idea of the things they want to find in their special agent. One who is more interested in making sure that they have found the best property for their buyers, than in earning a commission. Generally, they are best suited for providing client-level services to satisfy a buyer’s needs, concerns and expectations. Accredited Buyer’s Representatives are agents and brokers, who are specialists in that they only represent buyers, are able to add greater economic value to a buyer’s transaction;

What a Property Buyer Wants

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  • To find listings of property for sale
  • To locate them easily
  • To find a Realtor to represent them quickly
  • To find a broker who knows the area
  • To find a broker who has specialized knowledge
  • To find a broker who listens to what they want and shows them those properties
  • To make sure they have seen most of the properties they feel would work for them
  • To get the best sales price possible
  • To make the transaction as pleasant and worry free as possible

What We Offer You

We offer needs and goals assessment which enables the buyer to obtain counseling in a confidential manner without fear of harming their negotiating power. The Buyer’s Broker owes undivided loyalty to the buyer-client and is in a position to speak openly and frankly about the availability of homes in their price range and the available options.

Today most buyers are better served by pre-qualifying or even better still, being pre-approved for a loan prior to beginning the property selection process. As your exclusive buyer broker we have a good and fair selection of lenders and loan officers from which to choose; and will be able to assist you in this often-times confusing process. This selection is generally a decision based upon the best rates and service.

Your exclusive buyer broker can and will offer you the full spectrum of properties for sale, because they are not partial to any particular property. They have access to the entire market. Properties which are not listed for sale, lender owned properties, For Sale by Owner properties, Projects, and foreclosure properties, properties listed on the MLS by all agents and brokerages. Using their web site you may also search for yourself on your own time frame, these are all possibilities with your buyer’s broker.

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They offer assistance and guidance with your due diligence evaluation of your chosen property, to determine the positive and negatives. This would include title search, warranties, title insurance, attorney services, professional inspections, appraisal, and other objective evaluations.

Not enough can be said about the importance of structuring your purchase offer and crafting a winning strategy during this phase of your home buying process. In order to maximize the buyer’s goals it is crucial to include the protective clauses in your real estate purchase contract which offers proposing alternative financing arrangements, and implementing negotiating strategies.

They strive to accomplish the buyer’s satisfaction with follow through in relation to the pre-closing and follow through after the closing with any issues that may have arisen during the property evaluation. This may include assistance with the selection of landscaping, moving and storage, temporary housing, insurance, health care providers, vets, doctors, telephone service, dry cleaners, house painting, repair services and more. A buyer’s agent as a good communicator is a key issue here.

We encourage you to go to our testimonials section and read what other buyers have said about their experiences with us.

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